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In attending to client instructions, the Firm will assess the brief and advise on the law, therein indicating the likelihood of success in our courts and the time it may take to conclude. Where the need is evident, we indicate the suitability of alternative dispute resolution where a trial in ordinary courts will be expensive, cause delay, infringe on privacy or is considered unsuitable.



It is the resolve of the Firm to keep its clients informed of the progress made in the execution of instructions. This is done periodically based on the nature of the brief.
Whenever an order, ruling or judgment or other decision is made in a matter, the Firm immediately communicates the decision and gives the client options on the next step.

Firm's Clientele includes:

Banks, development and structured finance institutions;

Insurance companies;

Property owners and developers;

Industrial companies involved in the manufacturing sector, chemicals and mining;

Plantation owners and managers in the coffee, tea, horticultural and ranching sectors.

Governmental, parastatal and donor agencies including N.G.O’s, charitable trusts and similar foundations;

Companies in the oil, mining, power, telecommunications, road and aviation transport sectors;

Private persons requiring legal advice or assistance on property, commercial or estate matters.

Key among them being:

Kenya Revenue Authority

Kenya Dairy Processors Association Limited

Kenya Post Office Savings Bank

Co-operative Bank of Kenya Limited

Development Bank of Kenya Limited

Ministry of Information and Communications and postal Corporation of Kenya

Kenya Post Office Staff Provident Fund

Kenya Airports Authority

Liquidator-Bank of Credit of Commerce PLC

Madison Insurance Company Kenya Limited

APA Insurance Limited

Unaitas Sacco Society Limited

Airport Sacco Limited

Safaricom Investment Sacco Limited

Wanandege Sacco Society Limited

Airtel Networks Kenya Limited Staff Retirement Benefits Scheme

Stima Sacco Society Limited

Kenya Tea Development Authority (KTDA)

National Social Security Fund (NSSF)

Ukulima Sacco Society We are also in the panel of several banking institutions which include;

The Co-operative Bank of Kenya Limited

The Development Bank of Kenya Limited

Kenya Post Office Savings Bank Limited

Postal Corporation of Kenya

Kenya Post Office Savings Bank Limited

Balozi Sacco Society Limited

Centum Investments

Spire Bank Limited, M’ Oriental Bank Limited