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John Wacira Wambugu was a managing partner with Gautama and Kibuchi Advocates from 1978 to 1987 and was in charge of conveyancing and civil litigation matters. In 1987, Mr. John Wacira Wambugu founded Wambugu & Co. Advocates which transformed to Wacira Wambugu & Co. Advocates LLP, where he is the consultant, with a post-admission experience of over thirty nine (39) years. The firm of Wacira Wambugu & Co. Advocates LLP currently comprises of one (1) consultant, two (2) partners and two (2) associate Advocates as well as the internal and external support staff.

Managing Partner

at Gautama and Kibuchi Advocates where he was incharge of Conveyancing and Civil Litigation matters.


1978 to 1987

1987 to Date

Wambugu & Co Advocates

In 1987, Wambugu & Co Advocates was founded and is currently known as Wacira Wambugu & Co. Advocates LLP

Our Clients

Our clients include the largest retail and commercial banks in the region, development finance institutions, insurance companies, government, telephone operator in Kenya, commodity traders, multinationals, manufacturers, farmers, property developers, foreign Embassies, Missions and NGO'S. Important to us also are our private clients who have been an integral part of the growth of our firm.

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